What is africlub

Africlub is a simple, stylish, stress-free approach to web design and development, identity and brand design/development, and creative and design-based projects that have a technology component.

The official description is: "africlub design/web studio offers web services, from custom email, design to identity systems, digital applications and web strategy." That summarises us pretty well.

Please contact us if you'll be needing anything.

Africlub is a brand of Afrixanadu Studio, a virtual creative space for people involved in art and technology-based enterprise.

Technical stuff

Africlub is a combination of 4 main disciplines: design, web development [programming mainly], internet strategy incorporating content strategy and digital marketing, and user experience. User experience or UX, is the newest of these disciplines, incorporating psychology, research, metrics and design. UX seeks to understand how to deliver the best overall experience to users of a product or service, and what best keeps them returning. Web development is the technical work behind digital design dealing with coding for computers and understanding various platforms and how they work together. Design is an old discipline concerned with optimising effectiveness of products to their users.

Who is africlub?

Africlub is the collaboration of J S Kitololo, who does technical, and some administrative, things, and Ms Luulu Chabeda, known as Tina, who does admin and customer services, marketing and more. Over the years there have been other members/staff who have assisted in various full and part time capacities. Africlub also collaborates with other creative professionals where skills are complimentary and interests intersect.

A bit of history

Africlub was begun in 2009 by J S Kitololo, a veteran web designer who believed there was a need for a more "budget-friendly" way to deliver websites to the East African enterprise community. In time it became clear that our simple, stress-free approach was desired by certain sectors that:

  1. had a technical need
  2. had a decent budget to practically meet that need
  3. had trouble finding quality design and digital development that measured up to global standards

so africlub stepped up and started offering a wider range of services and skills. That's basically how africlub became what it is today.

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